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A Musical Portrait of KATHLEEN FERRIER

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin   MS.CD.261   62 mins

Blackburn's Kathleen Ferrier started as a classical pianist, but when she entered a singing competition, the BBC discovered one of the greatest contralto voices of the century. Doreen Goodwin describes her complete life story - with thanks to Winifred Ferrier. Included are her most popular recordings. Featured on BBC radio with rave reviews.




A Musical Portrait of GRACIE FIELDS

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin   MS.CD.258   68 mins

The Rochdale 'nightingale' and dialect comedienne was loved throughout the world as 'our Gracie'. Doreen Goodwin tells the officially-approved life story with many fine comic excerpts and songs. Gracie even stopped proceedings in Parliament with one broadcast she made. Featured on BBC radio. This is the official biography on sale at the Gracie Fields Museum in Rochdale.


A Musical Portrait of GEORGE FORMBY

Researched and Narrated by Mal Jefferson   MS.CD.597   70 mins

Wigan's greatest export is comprehensively documented by Mal Jefferson. George made 100 single records and starred in 26 films. He was honoured in Russia, Australia, Canada and South Africa for his fearless antics in the front-line of WW2. He started entertaining the troops the day war broke out and ended the day it finished. His popularity was truly world-wide and his effect on the morale of the troops was amazing. Includes many of his greatest songs. Featured on BBC radio.



A Musical Portrait of BUDDY HOLLY

Researched and Narrated by Mal Jefferson   MS.CD.598   62 mins

The man who started the world's first self-contained rock band led directly to the formation of The Beatles. Mal Jefferson tells the life story of the legendary singer-guitarist-composer who wrote 36 hits in only 2 years of recording. His tragic death in 1957 is still mourned by fans today and Paul McCartney bought Holly's entire song catalogue in reverence to him. With songs played by Mal, Bryan Frost and Jeff Hannah, this also includes the producer's expert musical analysis of how the little trio made such a big and distinctive sound. Featured on BBC radio.

A Musical Portrait of IVOR NOVELLO

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin   MS.CD.257   71 mins

A giant of British musical theatre, Ivor Novello and his sweeping, romantic melodies dominated the early part of the 20th century. As well as being a Hollywood star, the Welshman composed many great popular songs. With many excerpts from his work, hear Doreen Goodwin describe what can only be called ' a colourful life'. Featured on BBC radio.



A Musical Portrait of PAUL ROBESON

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin   MS.CD.309   74 mins

The rich bass voice of Paul Robeson rang throughout the world on records and in films. Doreen Goodwin tells how he fought extreme prejudice with great courage and became the founding father of the American Civil Rights movement. This son of a slave became a brilliant scholar, lawyer and athlete and was one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century. Includes his greatest songs. Featured on BBC radio.



A Musical Portrait of RICHARD TAUBER

Researched and Narrated by Doreen Goodwin   MS.CD.265   72 mins

The world-renowned tenor, composer and conductor Richard Tauber, started life an illegitimate Austrian Jew. Doreen Goodwin tells of his exciting times where, during World War 2, he rejected Hitler's overtures and settled in England. He became rich and famous and once said he wanted a girl 'for every note of the piano'. A truly fascinating biography, with many of his greatest recordings. Featured on BBC radio.



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